Applying CCHCCS’ DEEEP Model

Applying CCHCCS’ DEEEP Model

What is DEEEP?

DEEEP is an evidence-based concept used as an in-depth evaluative root cause analysis tool to explore the issues, impacts, and implications of corporate and administrative health care services and outcomes.

We promote a focus design that reflects Diversity, Equity, Equality, Engagement, Processes (DEEEP). This design is essential because its elements represent the critical thinking concepts that serve the Multi-focused feedback factory (M-FFF) effort. It guides the DEEEP expectations to achieve the intended outcomes.

The DEEEP Model is applied in several areas, including poor health outcomes, facility accessibility, quality of care practices, competitive benefits, cultural diversity, equity, inclusionary metrics, organizational and administrative policies, programs, goals, strategic objectives, and mission, vision, and core values statements.

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